Big Thane’s Food Truck Menu

Hey there! Welcome to our culinary adventure on wheels with Big Thane’s Food Truck Menu! We’re so excited to have you join us. This food truck is really something special – we’re all about shaking up the street food scene and giving you an experience to remember.

So, let me tell you about some of our mouthwatering offerings. Ever tried our CEO Burger? It’s a real crowd-pleaser! Picture this: two smashed patties, gooey American cheese, and a whole bunch of savory toppings. Trust me, it’s a flavor explosion you won’t forget!

And then there’s our Mac & Cheese Burger – talk about innovative! Who would’ve thought to put mac and cheese in a burger? But let me tell you, it works like a charm. Plus, we’ve got the “SEE FOOD” Burger, which is just irresistible. You’ve gotta see it to believe it!

So, what do you think? Ready to dive into some deliciousness with us? Join the celebration of taste and follow them on Instagram @bigthanes!

Big Thane’s Food Truck Menu

Menu Item Description Price
Homemade Burgers
CEO BURGER 2 smashed Patties, American cheese, lettuce, onions, bacon, mayo $13
Mac & Cheese BURGER 1 Smashed patty, American cheese, homemade Mac & cheese, bacon, mayo $13
The “SEE FOOD” BURGER 1 Smashed patty, pepper jack cheese, bacon, seafood sauce $14
Grilled Onions $0.50
Bacon $2.00
Pepper Jack Cheese $1.00
American Cheese $1.00
Jalapenos $0.50
Cheese Sauce $1.50
Mac & Cheese $4.50
Shrimp $7.00
Lobster $13.00
Can Soda $1.50
Water $2.00
Lemonade $3.00
CAJUN FRIES Crispy cajun fries with a dazzle of Cajun seasoning $4.00
“MAC AND CHEESE” FRIES Cajun fries topped with homemade Mac and cheese, bacon, spicy ranch sauce $10.00
“SEE FOOD” FRIES Cajun fries topped with seafood sauce, ranch, jalapeños, spicy ranch sauce $12.00
Blacken Cajun Pasta Pasta noodles tossed in creamy Cajun sauce with grilled chicken or shrimp $20.00
Sweet Heat Wings 8 crispy fried wings in signature sweet heat sauce $12.00
Loaded Seafood Potato Loaded seafood potato topped with seafood sauce $20.00
Loaded Seafood Potato + Lobster $33.00

About Big Thane’s Food Truck

Big Thane’s Food Truck is a culinary sensation on wheels, delighting taste buds with an extraordinary menu. Nestled at 3822 W Congress St, this food haven offers a symphony of flavors, featuring standout items like the CEO BURGER—a double-patty masterpiece—and the “SEE FOOD” BURGER, a seafood-infused delight.

Every bite is a testament to their commitment to quality and creativity.

From loaded fries to sweet heat wings, each dish is a culinary adventure. Follow @bigthanes on Instagram for tempting previews and catch them Wednesday to Saturday from 11 AM. Whether you savor on-site or opt for delivery via ASAP DELIVERY APP, Big Thane’s ensures a foodie experience like no other!

Most popular dish of Big Thane’s Food Truck

While specific popularity can vary among customers, some standout items on Big Thane’s Food Truck menu that are often well-loved include:

Big Thane’s Food Truck Menu

1. CEO BURGER: A double-patty creation with American cheese, lettuce, onions, bacon, and mayo.

2. Mac & Cheese BURGER: A unique twist with a smashed patty, American cheese, homemade Mac & cheese, bacon, and mayo.

3. “SEE FOOD” BURGER: Featuring a smashed patty, pepper jack cheese, bacon, and their special seafood sauce.

4. “MAC AND CHEESE” FRIES: Cajun fries topped with homemade Mac and cheese, bacon pieces, and spicy ranch sauce.

5. Sweet Heat Wings: Eight crispy fried wings drenched in their signature sweet heat sauce.

These items often garner attention for their delicious flavors and creative combinations. However, it’s always a good idea to explore the menu and find your personal favorites!

Customer reviews about Big Thane’s Food Truck

Customer reviews for Big Thane’s Food Truck consistently express delight in the inventive flavors and top-notch quality of their offerings. Many patrons commend the CEO BURGER for its juicy double patties, crispy bacon, and flavorful toppings, calling it a must-try.

The “SEE FOOD” BURGER has garnered praise for its unique seafood twist, with customers highlighting the perfect balance of flavors. Positive remarks extend beyond the burgers, with patrons raving about the delectable “MAC AND CHEESE” FRIES and the addictive Sweet Heat Wings.

The friendly and efficient customer service also earns accolades, creating an overall positive dining experience. These reviews collectively paint a picture of a food truck that consistently exceeds expectations and leaves customers eagerly planning their return visits.

Contact With Big Thane’s Food Truck

For a quick and delectable connection with Big Thane’s Food Truck, simply dial 337-354-6773. The serves Wednesday to Saturday from 11AM. Their friendly team is ready to assist you with inquiries, orders, or any special requests. Also can Email them at [email protected]

Big Thane’s Food Truck Menu

Whether you’re craving the mouthwatering CEO BURGER or need details about their location at 3822 W Congress St, a call is your gateway to savory satisfaction. If you prefer a modern touch, they’ve got you covered with delivery options through the ASAP DELIVERY APP.

Follow @bigthanes on Instagram and TikTok for updates and tantalizing glimpses of their culinary creations. Don’t miss out—reach out to Big Thane’s effortlessly and embark on a culinary journey that delights your taste buds!

FAQs on Big Thane’s Food Truck Menu

Here are some common queries that people fetched and we got them answered for you

1. What is Big Thane’s Food Truck known for?

Big Thane’s is renowned for its signature homemade burgers, creative toppings, and flavorful fries.

2. Which burger is a must-try on the menu?

The CEO Burger, featuring double smashed patties, American cheese, bacon, and a special mayo blend.

3. Are there vegetarian options available?

Yes, you can customize your burger with add-ons like grilled onions, jalapeños, and cheese without meat.

4. What makes the “SEE FOOD” Burger unique?

It stands out with a smashed patty, pepper jack cheese, bacon, and a delectable seafood sauce.

5. Can I add seafood to other menu items?

Absolutely! Options include adding shrimp or lobster to enhance your burger or loaded seafood potato.

6. Tell me more about the fries options.

Choices range from Cajun Fries to “Mac and Cheese” Fries and “SEE FOOD” Fries, each offering a delightful twist.

7. Do they offer any non-burger options?

Yes, the menu extends to Blacken Cajun Pasta, Sweet Heat Wings, and Loaded Seafood Potato.

8. What are the operating hours of Big Thane’s Food Truck?

Big Thane’s serves from Wednesday to Saturday, starting at 11 AM.

9. Can I follow them on social media?

Yes, stay connected and get updates on Instagram by following @bigthanes.

10. How can I place a delivery order?

Big Thane’s Food Truck delivers through the ASAP DELIVERY APP. Simply place your order for a convenient and delicious experience.

In conclusion, Big Thane’s Food Truck menu is a symphony of flavors that promises an unforgettable culinary experience. From their mouthwatering CEO Burger with double smashed patties to the innovative Mac & Cheese Burger and the tantalizing “SEE FOOD” Burger, each item reflects a commitment to quality and creativity.

The diverse add-ons, including lobster and shrimp, allow customization for every taste. The enticing fries options and refreshing drinks complement the meal perfectly. Whether you’re craving a hearty burger, indulgent fries, or a seafood-infused delight, Big Thane’s delivers excellence.

Visit their Instagram @bigthanes, or head to 3822 W Congress St for a taste adventure from Wednesday to Saturday, starting at 11 AM. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary gastronomic journey!

If you still have any questions or confusion, please let us know in the comment section. Also, you can Contact Us and follow us on Reddit – MenuBurg for more similar topics.

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